Why should you sign up?

Volunteers are crucial to how the All Good Project helps out at festivals. We give our teams free training and tools so they can help festivalgoers safely.

We make sure our volunteers feel appreciated for their hard work. We offer incentives like gift cards for those working late or finishing online training, breaks, free food and gear, and good leadership.

To say thanks, we throw a party for all our volunteers after the festival. It’s a chance to unwind, share stories, and have fun together after all the work we’ve put in!

What’s in the training?

The All Good Project festival training covers:

  • Harm Reduction Methods and Skills
  • Identifying and Managing Varied Types of Intoxication 
  • Identifying Discrimination and Harassment 
  • Being an Active Bystander 
  • Power/Privilege and Intersectionality
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Understanding Consent and Responding to Sexual Violence 
  • Tips and Tricks at Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

How it all works

The All Good Project teams up with festival managers to boost safety measures from an organisational level. We cover the cost for all volunteers to join our special training sessions and info nights. During these sessions, we talk about ways to keep patrons safe and well during the festival.

We cover topics like recognising harassment and discrimination, effective communication, the specific effects of Alcohol and other drugs, and how to create a safe atmosphere. We encourage being an ‘active bystander,’ which means watching out for each other and speaking up if you see something that might make someone uncomfortable. 

Festivals receive All Good Project posters and coasters to show patrons they’re a part of the solution and share the safety tips we provide. In the end, the safer and more inclusive our festivals are, the more people will leave feeling positive, leading to a more successful industry overall. Our goal is to ensure everyone can enjoy live music and feel safe when they attend some of the Territories most vibrant festivals!

What we offer


Many of our All Good volunteers leave with life-long mates and great memories! We boogie to the music at the festival as we work, hand out safety merch and have fun helping people out.


Every volunteer gets a free ticket to the festival, free merch and gift cards for completing the training.


After each festival we host a catered volunteer thank you party with food and a few drinks, to celebrate you!

Eloise – Darwin

I volunteered at BassInTheGrass and made some amazing friends, I got to dance to the band I wanted to see and really loved the thank-you party. 10/10 would recommend!”

Hamish – Darwin

The All Good training is what I found most interesting. I’m studying event management and I can really see it being useful for my career. Yay for safer gigs!”

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Safety, Access and Equity Officer

All Good Project


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