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What does the All Good Project do?

The All Good project is tasked with making live gigs safer. We’re here to reduce gender-based violence and ensure venues are inclusive, diverse, and welcome to all. 

We train venue and festival staff to make them better equipped at looking out for unsafe behaviour and supporting patrons. We use All Good Project posters and coasters to communicate messages to patrons that are pro-consent, anti-discrimination, anti-violence and anti-racist. 

We create safe/chill-out spaces at festivals where we train a team of volunteers to care for people who need support, giving out hydration products, sustenance, mental health care, and a safe place to recover. We send teams of volunteers around to check on patrons throughout the party. 

Finally, we work with industry, government, and likeminded services across Australia to advocate for better live music safety.

Approach to patrons

The All Good Project promotes inclusivity & diversity at gigs, on the stage, in the party, and behind the bar. Supporting and advocating for priority groups, including educating festivals and venues about accessibility and social/emotional/physical safety for the diverse audiences of the Northern Territory is part of our very important everyday work. 

We educate patrons at festivals, sharing tips for safety. We offer strengths-based behaviour change messaging via posters around coasters at venues, including how to ‘look out for your mates’ and report harassment to management then and there. 

We also have a vibrant range of All Good merchandise such as coasters, hats, hand-held fans, clip-on water pouches, earplugs, wrapped sweets, and lanyards that spread positive behaviour messaging.

Approach to venues

The All Good Project works with venue managers to bolster safety practices from an organisational level. All venue staff who attend our tailor made 3-hour training session are paid for their time. In training we discuss best-practices to keep staff, patrons, musicians, and security safe while at work and during a night out. 

Some training topics include; how to notice harassment and discrimination, effective communication, strategies in speaking up, and skills to read the room to ensure a safe time for all. We promote being an ‘active bystander’, which is the action of looking out for one another and saying something if you see something. Venues also receive the bright All Good Project posters and coasters for patron education.

Ultimately, the safer and more inclusive we can make our venues, the more frequent and diverse the customers will be, and the more successful the industry becomes overall. We’re here to ensure everyone can enjoy live music and attend our venues feeling safe. 

Approach to festivals

Festivals are a vibrant and exciting part of music culture in the Territory. The All Good Project wants to keep them that way by ensuring party-goers can have a safe and positive experience.

We work with festival coordinators, bar staff, and security, offering harm reduction training to encourage safety for people of all genders and backgrounds. We also create pop-up safe spaces and coordinate teams of volunteers who care for people in the festival grounds. 

Our low-stimulus safe spaces are open to the public and comfortable places to rest and recover. Our trained volunteers offer one-on-one care, hydration products, sustenance, mental health care, soft seating and referrals to the medical team for extra help if required. 

Our volunteer training includes detailed information about different presentations of Alcohol and other drug intoxication, how to manage patrons who are behaving out of the ordinary, trip sitting, and how to safely receive reports of sexual violence. Our volunteers roam the festival grounds offering harm reduction tips for a safe night. People who present to our volunteers tend to be curious about what we do, or they might be looking for support. 

All are welcome in the All Good Care Space, we’re here to help.

Approach to volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of how the All Good Project supports patrons at festivals. We provide free best-practice training and resources to equip our teams with the skills they need to support patrons safely. 

The All Good Project works to balance energy output and incentives for our volunteers, to ensure everyone feels valued for their efforts. We offer gift cards for people on night shift and for those who completed online training, regular breaks, free meals and merchandise, and well trained, supportive team leaders.

As a thank you we cater a post-festival gathering for All Good volunteers to share stories, laugh and spend relaxed time together after all of our hard work!

Approach to advocacy

Advocacy work through the All Good Project is a crucial behind the scenes component of what we do. We work to create strong networks who assist in promoting All Good Project safety values throughout industry, government, policy and local leaders. 

This involves funding, collating and disseminating research that articulates best-practise safety measures. It also includes working with like-minded organisations, Darwin’s Local Drug Action Team, HospitalityNT and other peaks to strengthen the national conversation around safety for the music and night-life economy. 

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