Who is the All Good Project?

The All Good project is tasked with making live gigs safer, because everyone deserves to enjoy live music!

We’re here to reduce gender-based violence and support venues to be inclusive and welcome to all. We train venue and festival staff, aiding them in looking out for unsafe behaviour and supporting you – the patron. 

We use All Good Project posters and coasters to communicate messages to partygoers that are pro-consent, anti-discrimination, anti-violence and anti-racist. 

We create safe spaces at festivals, which is where we train a team of volunteers to care for people who need support, giving out water, hydrolite, snacks, and a safe place to chill out. We also send teams of volunteers around the festival grounds to check on partygoers on the dance floor.

Finally, we work with industry, government, and likeminded services across Australia to advocate for better gig safety.

What’s in it for you?

Have you ever been hassled at a gig by another patron, or have you ever felt unsafe at a live music venue? 

The All Good Project is working to reduce those incidents across the Territory, because we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy live music. Of course, we can’t be everywhere at once, so this project is dedicating it’s time to up-skilling live music and hospitality staff through our training programs, so that everyone can look out for each other and encourage positive behaviour. 

With the help of everyone, we can create a more vibrant and exciting live music scene in the Territory by allowing everyone to be themselves and feel safe during a night out. 

How it all works

The All Good Project works with venue managers to bolster safety practices from an organisational level. We pay all venue staff to attend our tailor made 3-hour training session where we discuss ways to keep staff, patrons, musicians, and security safe while at work and during a night out. Some of the topics covered include; how to notice harassment and discrimination, effective communication and strategies in speaking up, and skills to read the room to ensure a safe experience for all.

We’re here to help promote being an ‘active bystander’, which is looking out for one another and speaking up if you see something. Venues receive the bright All Good Project posters and coasters so patrons can see they’re working to be a part of the solution and learn from the safety tips we offer.

Ultimately, the safer and more inclusive we can make our venues, the more frequent and diverse the customers will be, and the more successful the industry becomes overall. We’re here to ensure everyone can enjoy live music and attend our venues feeling safe. 

What we offer


All Good Project posters and coasters that support patrons and offer safety tips and behaviour standards.


These are non-judgemental spaces where our trained volunteers offer sub-medical care, sustenance, hydration products and a place to rest and recover.


We give out free merchandise such as bucket hats, water bottles, fans, hydrolite, earplugs and lollipops! 

Taylor – Darwin

My favourite place to go out on the weekend is Mayberry. One of their bar staff told me about the project when I saw the All Good coasters on their bar. I reckon it’s a great initiative and more people should know about it. It would be good if people could feel safer when going out in Darwin.”

Alex – Alice Springs

I’ve noticed the posters around and really liked the messaging. It would be awesome if more venues signed up. My queer mates want to feel safe when going to gigs just as much as anyone else.”

Crystal – Darwin

The All Good safe space saved me at Bass last year, I was feeling anxious and just got to chill out in the tent for a while chatting to the helpers there! They were all really nice!”

Get in touch

Emma Gerard

Safety, Access and Equity Officer

All Good Project


[email protected]
(08) 8952 0322
27 Hartley Street
Alice Springs, NT

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We promote positive behaviour change in the Music industry
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