Why should festivals sign up?

All Good Project provides festivals:

  • Fully equipped care-space for harm reduction services with trained staff and volunteers.
  • Roving team members to hand out safety merch and advice to patrons on-site.
  • Expert support from the Safety, Access and Equity Manager at MusicNT.
  • Tailored training packages for all relevant staff and security.
  • Free merchandise, posters and coasters.
  • Promotion via the All Good Project socials and website. 
  • Trained staff can put the All Good Project training on their resume to signify that they have safe festival skills. 
  • Patrons recognise and seek out All Good Project venues as they want to spend their time in safe places where they feel looked after and included. 

More and more festivals across the Territory are signing up to the All Good Project to be a part of the change we want to see in our night time and party economy, join us today!

What’s in the training?

The All Good Project festival training covers:

  • Harm Reduction Methods and Skills
  • Identifying and Managing Varied Types of Intoxication 
  • Identifying Discrimination and Harassment 
  • Being an Active Bystander 
  • Power/Privilege and Intersectionality
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Understanding Consent and Responding to Sexual Violence 
  • Tips and Tricks at Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

What we offer


The All Good fully equipped care-space is used for harm reduction services and is facilitated by trained experts, staff and volunteers.


Our roving volunteer teams check on patrons wellbeing around the festival site, handing out water, merch and safety tips.


All festival staff attend All Good training for free. We provide a state of the art training room and catering at MusicNT, or we can come to you and host training on-site.

Participating festivals


BITG has been a huge supporter of the All Good Project for many years, we are proud to be partnered with them and championed by their passionate team of safety-focused event gurus! 


The All Good Project has had the great pleasure of visiting Desert Harmony Festival in Patta/Tennant Creek, in the years to come we look forward to supporting the festival’s already strong safety foundations and extending into the translation of safety messaging into multiple local languages.


Electric storm is Darwin’s most exciting Halloween party! Open to young people and adults, this vibrant party hosts the All Good Project harm reduction team. We offer roving volunteers who check on party-goers, handing out hydrolite, water and other safety merchandise.

Get in touch

Emma Gerard

Safety, Access and Equity Officer

All Good Project


[email protected]
(08) 8952 0322
27 Hartley Street
Alice Springs, NT

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We promote positive behaviour change in the Music industry
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